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4 Staging Tips for Home Sellers: Two Favorite Rooms in the House

Kitchens and bathrooms — they’re easily the most swooned over rooms in the house. They’re also known to be the tipping point for buyers who love your property, and for those who don’t.

So, whether you’re thinking about selling your home or are preparing for a showing this weekend, use these staging tips to make these all-important rooms shine!

1. Draw Inspiration from the Spa

When you’re staging your bathroom, draw inspiration from spa decor. Not only will the soothing colors and scents conjure up feelings of relaxation, a spa-like atmosphere is just what buyers need after a full day of open houses.

Display fresh flowers on the countertop, roll your towels for a pretty display, make sure the shower curtain is fresh and clean and always put the toilet seat down!

2. Make More Usable Space

In the kitchen, make sure you’re maximizing the available space by clearing any clutter off of the countertops. This means moving small appliances into the pantry or boxing them up for storage — you’re likely moving anyways. All that should remain are items that make the space look inviting and usable.

Add a bowl of fresh fruit as a display, remove your magnet collection from the fridge, move the dog’s water and food bowls to the garage during the showing and always ensure there are no dirty dishes in the sink.

3. Let the Light in

Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen — or anywhere in the house for that matter — natural light can leave a space feeling fresh and bigger. If you have curtains or blinds, open them. And always make sure that your windows are clean, both inside and out.

4. Go neutral

If your master bathroom is a lovely shade of turquoise or your kitchen backsplash is a bright checkerboard pattern, it might be time to consider a weekend project. Buyers appreciate neutral colors, as they have an easier time envisioning themselves and their own personal style in the space.

Before you tackle major projects, talk with your agent to make sure the project will have the return you’re looking for. Certain upgrades do better in some markets than others, and you don’t want to waste valuable time and money on a weakened project that might not pay off. Neutral paint, however, almost always wins.

When in doubt …

When in doubt, draw inspiration from design magazines and Pinterest. A vase of fresh flowers or a display of artfully crafted cupcakes can make two of our favorite rooms in the house more memorable.

And one last tip: explore the listings in your neighborhood; they’re your competition. See what they’re doing and try to make your home stand out from the crowd.

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