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Checklist: Your Final Walk-Through

Closing time is hectic, but you should always make time for a final walk-through to make sure that your home is in the same condition you expected it would be. Here’s a detailed list of what to check for on your final walk-through.

  • Basement, attic, and every room, closet, and crawl space have been checked.

  • Requested repairs have been made.

  • Copies of paid bills and warranties are in hand.

  • No major, unexpected changes have been made to the property since last viewed.

  • All items included in the sale price—draperies, lighting fixtures, etc.—are still on site.

  • Screens and storm windows are in place or stored onsite.

  • All appliances are operating (dishwasher, washer/dryer, oven, etc.).

  • Intercom, doorbell, and alarm are operational.

  • Hot water heater is working.

  • Heating and air conditioning systems are working.

  • No plants or shrubs have been removed from the yard.

  • Garage door opener and other remotes are available.

  • Instruction books and warranties on appliances and fixtures are available.

  • All debris and personal items of the sellers have been removed.

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