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How To Create The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

The perfect outdoor kitchen not only allows you to prepare delicious food but also looks amazing and adds value to a home. A trendy cooking area is a practical backyard addition for anyone who enjoys entertaining outdoors.

Before hiring a professional contractor to create your kitchen oasis, decide on factors such as where to construct the kitchen, what equipment should be installed, and most importantly, what will be the main purpose of the kitchen. Whether you want to design the ultimate grilling station or create an exterior kitchen with all the up-to-date amenities, there are some helpful tips to follow to easily construct your dream outdoor kitchen.

Determine the space to construct your outdoor kitchen

Prior to starting the process, take into account the total amount of exterior space you have to use. Fortunately, you don’t need a huge backyard to design an outdoor kitchen; in fact, a small area will work just as well. If you are lucky enough to have sufficient space on a patio or veranda you can easily turn this area into a kitchen by installing the basic essentials. The already paved space is perhaps the perfect spot to construct an outdoor cooking area as well as set up a dining space. If you have a limited amount of space on a deck or another paved area, simply combine the dining section and the kitchen into one compact area.

Plan for necessary electrical lines and plumbing

Just because you’re building a kitchen in an exterior area does not mean that you will not need adequate plumbing and electrical lines. Since you may need to add electricity, think wisely when choosing what appliances to purchase; you probably do not need a dishwasher, microwave or full-size fridge, in most cases installing a grill is the ideal choice. Entertainment systems, space heaters, and fireplaces are great options especially if you live in an area with colder temperatures. In addition, wine coolers, outdoor showers, outdoor fans, vent hoods, and ice machines are other features that could increase the overall appeal of an outdoor kitchen. Remember, the more equipment you install, the more plumbing lines and electrical wiring will be needed.

Choose durable flooring

Considering the extreme climates, we cannot ignore the fact that all exterior spaces including outdoor kitchens will be affected by the weather conditions. Snow, UV rays and heavy rainfall can all cause wear and tear to an outdoor kitchen if not maintained regularly. Aside from the climate, there are other factors such as debris, excess moisture, grease or even footmarks that can spoil kitchen floors. Make sure to opt for durable floor options such as poured concrete or other flooring types manufactured for exterior use.

Are you planning to design an outdoor kitchen? Keep in mind the above-listed factors and hire a professional contractor to get the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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